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Located 30 minutes north of Lethbridge in Southern Alberta, Witdouck Farms is a multi-faceted business involved in various sectors of the agricultural industry.

Witdouck Farms started three generations ago as a family owned operation and is currently owned and operated by Brian, Calvin and Dale Witdouck, grandsons of the original owner.

In 1950 Witdouck’s grandfather saw greater opportunities here in Canada, so he left his small bicycle repair shop in Belgium to start a new life. Farming had been a life long dream for Mr. Witdouck and Canada was the place to make it reality.

After many years of hard work the farm slowly grew, and according to the current owners, their grandfather and father had to endure many difficult times to get Witdouck Farms to the place it is at today.

Brian, Calvin, Dale admit that agriculture is a very different industry from when their grandfather and father used to farm. Witdouck Farms is now no longer a small family owned farm but an intricate agri-business.

Today, Witdouck Farms is still passionate about agriculture and continues to look for new opportunities in the industry.

Core Values

  • Witdouck Farms values strong business relationships with their customers, while providing leading edge and superior quality products and services.
  • Witdouck Farms would like to provide customers with honest relevant advice to help them operate and run a successful operation
  • Witdouck Farms values the environment and community in which they work.

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