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<p class="GreyText">Over the years Witdouck Farms has had the opportunity to grow a wide variety of crops including: <ul type="disc"><span class="Green11"> <li>Hybrid canola seed production </li> <li>2 row feed barley </li> <li>6 row feed barley </li> <li>Spring triticale </li> <li>Soft white wheat </li> <li>Hard red spring wheat  </li> <li>Vetch </li> <li>Alfalfa seed </li> <li>Grass seed </li> <li>Sugar beets </span></span></span></span></span></span></li></span></ul> <p class="GreyText">With such a wide variety of crop production Witdouck Farms has gained extensive knowledge and expertise, providing them with the management skills to continue to seek new opportunities. <br /><br />Today, Witdouck Farms operates 5000 irrigated acres of land growing: 6 row semi dwarf feed barley, spring triticale, alfalfa seed, vetch and hybrid canola seed production. Since 1996 Witdouck Farms has grown to be one of the largest hybrid canola seed producers in all of Canada. <br /><br />Witdouck Farms continues to invest in new crops, technology and equipment so that they can continue to produce products and services customers demand.<br /><br /><strong>Brian Witdouck</strong> <br />Office: 1.403.738.4395 <br />Cell: 1.403.635.0100 <br />Fax: 866.729.2928 <br /><br /><strong>Dale Witdouck</strong> <br />Office: 1.403.738.4395 <br />Cell: 1.403.635.0099 <br />Fax: 866.729.2928 </span></span></p></span>


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