Pollination Services


Witdouck Farms has been involved in the leafcutter bee pollination industry since 1988 and the honey bee business since 2008. 

Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of what it takes to manage pollination, pedigreed alfalfa seed, and hybrid canola seed in an effective and efficient way. 

We continue to gain valuable experience in the industry through education, research, and investment in technology, and we are working hard at providing the best pollination service available. 

No matter what the size, if it is small plot production or commercial production, Witdouck Farms has the experience and flexibility to meet pollination needs anywhere in North America.


Calvin Witdouck | Pollination Services - Leafcutter Bees 
Office: 403-738-4395 
Email: calvin@witdouckfarms.com 

Matthew Witdouck | Pollination Services - Leafcutter Bees
Office: 403-738-4395 
Email: matthew@witdouckfarms.com

Landen Stronks | Pollination Services - Honey Bees and Honey Sales
Office: 403-738-4395 
Email: landen@witdouckfarms.com