About Witdouck Farms

Witdouck Farms was established in 1950 by Julius Witdouck. He saw greater opportunities here in Canada, so he left his small bicycle repair shop in Belgium to start a new life. Three generations later, Witdouck Farms is currently owned and operated by Brian, Calvin, and Dale, with the fourth generation beginning to take on more responsibilities. Witdouck Farms is located 30 minutes north of Lethbridge, Alberta near Iron Springs - in the centre of irrigation country and feedlot alley.

Witdouck Farms is a multi-faceted business involved in various sectors of the agriculture industry. We specialize in producing high quality grain seed such as wheat, barley, and hybrid fall rye. We also produce hybrid seed canola and seed alfalfa which is pollinated by our own leafcutter bees. We are also proud of our most recent venture into the potato business and are looking forward to what the future may hold.

We admit that agriculture is a very different industry from when our grandfather and father used to farm. After many years of hard work, we have expanded our farm to 11,000 irrigated acres which are spread out between Iron Springs, Enchant, and Lomond, Alberta. 

At Witdouck Farms, we are passionate about the agriculture industry and we follow sustainable farming practices by nurturing the soil we farm on. We have a thorough environmental farm plan which we use to identify our environmental risks and has helped us to develop a viable plan to mitigate those risks and create a prosporous future. We also continuously look for new opportunities to enhance the agriculture industry.

At Witdouck Farms, we are firm believers in creating a welcoming work environment, as well as supporting our local community. We participate in the Canadian Foodgrains project and we support 5th on 5th Youth Services in Lethbridge.